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streamingLearning & teaching

+ What is the policy for learning in the School?

In Peebles High School we recognise that the curriculum is not only 'what' students learn but also 'how' they learn. We place an emphasis on student choice and flexibility to ensure they achieve success in the fields most relevant to their future. See more in the Learning and Teaching section

+ What are useful links to learning information?

Parents can find out more here: parentzonescotland.gov.uk

Teachers and other professionals: curriculumforexcellence.gov.uk

The partners working to deliver Curriculum for Excellence are:

Scottish Government

The government has responsibility for the national education system


Learning and Teaching Scotland

Develops the curriculum, provides information and guidance on learning and teaching


Scottish Qualifications Authority

Develops, marks and manages the qualifications process



The inspectors who monitor the quality of education


streamingSchool (Improvement) Plan

+ What is an improvement plan?

The school improvement plan is published once a year and is the reflection of the school's priorities for the coming academic year. It is usually based on feedback from staff, pupils, parents and external bodies eg HMI reports see more .

curriculum for excellenceCurriculum (for Excellence)

+ What is Curriculum for Excellence?

The curriculum aims to ensure that all children and young people develop knowledge and skills in four key capacities – as 'successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors'. For a quick, general introduction, we suggest see this. For fuller information, see Education Scotland.

streamingClass streaming & progress

+ How are classes streamed going into S1 from Primary School?

Only Maths is streamed in s1 but as progression goes beyond S1 this happens across all subjects according to testing at the end of modules of learning and course work. In some classes in s1-3 there are formal exams particularly in Maths. This leads to further streaming in s3-6 and will be based on external exams s4-6.

+ Which classes are streamed in S1?

Maths is usually first to stream and based initially on primary school assessment , although throughout the early part of s1 this is tested regularly and adjustments made to ensure the pupil is matched closely with their learning needs. Your child may change class during the year.

+ How is progress monitored?

Teachers run a system of continuous assessment and we would advise parents to check work regularly in bags and look and discuss progress with your child,If any concerns please contact class teacher (name will be on child's timetable).

+ When is class streaming reviewed?

Usually at the end of a full academic year but occasionally happens between terms. In S1 maths particularly, the latter may apply.

+ What do I do if I am unhappy with the class my child has been put into?

Contact their guidance teacher and this could lead to a dialogue with a class teacher, Please do feel free to ask for information as to the position of your child and ask how you can improve their situation as a full partner in their education.

talkAdditional needs/ pastoral care

+ What is pastoral care and what can I expect from my child's teacher?

The pastoral /guidance staff are there throughout the child's time in school and usually it is the same one s1-s6.They have a complete overview of the pupil and take particular interest in their personal wellbeing. They also teach a subject called Soc Ed ( Social education ) and will see them every week.

+ How do I find out who my child's pastoral teacher is and how do I contact him/her?

Your child will know their teacher and will be on the paper copy of their timetable which might be worth photocopying for your records.

+ Who is in charge of supporting my child with specific learning needs?

If your child has specific needs highlighted in one subject area then this is the responsibility of the class teacher in partnership with yourself and the pupil. If the needs are broader across many subjects and required additional needs support the team of specialised teachers from the additional needs department will liaise together with guidance staff to put a plan in place for a child in partnership with parents and pupils. Any concerns contact guidance first of all.

doorSchool visits /parents nights

+ When are parents of S1 pupils given the opportunity to visit the school?

In the first term parents are usually invited to an open evening to look around the school and meet teachers informally. Later, in the second term, a more formal parents’ evening is held. However, if you have any worries in the interim, please contact the school.

+ How do I find my way about the school on parents night?

In S1 senior pupils are available at the school entrance and issue parents with a map. Most parents tend to bring their child with them and the latter will know the geography of the school.

Well being

illnessPupil support

+ What support for pupils is provided?

This policy provides a summary statement of the rationale of the work of Integrated Pupil Support. The IPS Team:

  • provides individualised pastoral support for each pupil
  • provides a Personal Social Education (PSE) programme which includes helping equip each pupil with the skills and confidence to develop
  • qualities of self-esteem
  • respect and care for others. See more ...

illnessEmotional well being

+ How are children looked after?

This policy provides an overview of the promotion of Health and Well-Being and is intended to:

  • empower young people, staff and parents to actively influence their lives and their living conditions
  • provide the basis for the detailed work being carried out to develop and strengthen capacity as a healthy setting for living, learning and working… see more...


+ What happens if my child becomes sick during the day?

Your child will be sent to the sick bay and will be looked after by a member of staff if this persists they can be seen by the school nurse and if required a parent called to collect and take home. In emergencies and a pupil is required to go to hospital parents will be informed immediately.

+ What happens if my child needs medication during school hours?

Firstly in p7 make sure you write to the school office with clear instructions that your child is coming up to school with very specific medical needs and agree what plans are required. This is best as it takes some time to implementt plans for acute and chronic conditions. If however in S1 that didn't happen follow up with guidance staff.

forkSchool lunches

+ How do I put money on to the canteen card?

You can write a check to SBC and this has to be handed in to the letter box assigned for this by your child early Monday morning or you can give your child cash and it can be loaded on manually. They have a specific pin which they then use to debit the card.

+ What types of food are available?

Your child has the option of staying in school for lunch ( see here), or going down Peebles High Street where there are a range of shops that offer reasonably priced food or bringing a packed lunch which is particularly handy if they are doing a lunch time activity. It is possible to buy sandwiches at school during break, but children often forget! A very good alternative and especially useful for lunchtime activities, is the Grab and Go option. Pupils order their lunch at break in the canteen and just grab it when the lunch bell goes. A budget of about £2 - 3 is sufficient to meet most children's needs on a daily basis. There are a variety of foods every week:

Baked potatoes & fillings
Bespoke sandwiches
Pasta King
Deli range ( Sandwiches, Wraps, Salad boxes)
Main meals (choice of 3 per day)
Sausage Rolls & Bacon Rolls sold in the morning

for further detail see here

+ What supervision takes place at lunchtime?

Teachers/ prefects are on lunchtime duty