BBC School Report project 2017

Modern Studies students in S3 have been spending the last few weeks participating in the annual BBC News School Report project.  Pupils have been developing their journalistic skills by working their way through lessons provided by the BBC, culminating in news teams across the year group producing either written or filmed reports for News Day on 16 March 2017.

Students have been very busy researching stories, interviewing people and putting together their work on a variety of topics, which you can view below.  Topics range from the effects of cyber-bullying to Donald Trump.

Students would like to thank the many people who agreed to be interviewed around the school, which included fellow pupils and teachers. 

We hope you enjoy the work of our dedicated and hard-working news teams! 

What is BBC News Report?

BBC News School Report gives 11-16 year-old students in the UK the chance to make their own news reports for a real audience. Using lesson plans and materials provided by the BBC, and with support from BBC staff and partners, teachers help students develop their journalistic skills to become School Reporters.

In March, schools take part in an annual News Day, simultaneously creating video, audio and text-based news reports. These are published on school websites, all linked by the BBC.


PHS Video Reports












Thursday, 16. March 2017 - 14:00